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Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which develops integrated digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative moving media solutions for contemporary retail spaces.

We offer outstanding alternative media solutions, cutting-edge technology and expertise with an emphasis on maximizing your brand’s visibility in today’s ever evolving and highly competitive advertising environments.

How effective are our in-store digital signage solutions?

Very…….   and unlike most, we have the market research to back that up.

Over the years Moving Tactics have constantly developed digital signage technology, building our product range to provide innovative solutions to our clients. These solutions have been tried and tested through 15 years of refinement, backed by in-depth consumer research in the retail space -  the positive impact is undeniable.


  • 41% of Edgars’ shoppers interviewed were influenced to purchase based upon advertising on screens.
  • 89% of Red Square’s shoppers feel the screens are perfectly positioned in store.
  • % of Red Square’s shoppers feel the screens are a great idea to communicate to customers in store.
  • 60% of PnP shoppers said they were influenced by the screens to purchase products.
  • 92% of all Edgars’ shoppers noticed the LCD Screens in store.
  • 88% of all Red Square’s shoppers noticed the LCD Screens in store.
  • 95% of all Edgars’ shoppers feel the screens are perfectly positioned in store.
  • 92% of Edgars’ shoppers feel the screens are a great idea to communicate to customers in store.
  • 45% of Red Square’s shoppers interviewed were influenced to purchase something in store based on advertising on screens.
  • Unit sales of Bosch glow plugs showed year on year growth of 47% in Midas stores following a digital advertising campaign.

We invite you to examine our stats, our solutions, read our in-depth case studies……….
………….contact us directly to find out how we can help you communicate effectively through digital signage.

Secure targeted and efficient delivery of content  -  Find Out More About Our Solutions >>

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages daily, the quantity of information disseminated, largely without a context, leaves most consumers guarded and resistant.  Digital signage  provides context specific secure broadcasting (technically narrowcasting) from a flexible management system, to a high quality, and often interactive display.

Content forms the foundation for any highly targeted campaign, let us help create and effectively manage content for your digital signage campaign.

The benefits of our in-store digital signage solutions

  • Create interactive in-store promotions and enhance your marketing communication by adding entertaining lifestyle content.
  • Provide regional or site specific communication anywhere, anytime. Allowing for continuous information, seasonal, promotional or sale updates.
  • Transfer of new or updated content to the networks is seamless. Digital programming is instant, cost-effective and streamlined.
  • Efficient content creation and management frees you from the constraints of the plug and play model, where marketing sites have to make regular changes.
  • Creates an engaging and interactive customer communication channel that compliments or replaces your other retail communication activities.
  • Create valuable digital advertising space you can sell to a cross-section of your suppliers or external partners.

As part of Moving Tactics 360 degree service offering, Moving Tactics is uniquely positioned to both create proven effective content, and manage it throughout its life cycle.

High quality commercial grade hardware and software such as professional displays, touch screen kiosks, and training on demand modules   - 
Find Out More About Our Solutions >>







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Tel : 021 462 7977
56 New Market St.,
Cape Town


Tel : 011 326 6801,
42 Iona Drive,
Hurlingham, Sandton,

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