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  About ActivRetail-FMCG.CO.ZA 

The Market served:

The target market encompasses the whole of the Retail/Wholesale/FMCG industry sector within South Africa. This provides a national base of operation for the portal. It includes all stakeholders within this industry :

Our stakeholders include

  • Retailers & Wholesalers.
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers.
  • Service Providers to Wholesalers/Retailers and Manufacturers/Suppliers.
  • Value-Add Service Partners.
  • Industry Bodies/Associations/Standards Authorities.

The ActivRetail-FMCG.CO.ZA Community Portal provides services that showcase progressive companies - their brands, products and services - from our registered Manufacturing/Supply/Distribution and Service organisations. These organisations are presented through a single gateway to all our Retailers & Wholesalers in the South African marketplace.

Services to all stakeholders provide options for  –

  • Company Listing :  a free listing service
  • Company Billboard : providing company contact information
  • Company Profile & Showcase :  detailed company, product portfolio & service presentation. 
  • Advertising : strategic company / product / brand advertisement positioning



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